I've Seen This One

by Motel Glory

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released November 26, 2011

Recorded by Snuzz.



all rights reserved


Motel Glory Rock Hill, South Carolina

Chaotic rock-and-roll that winks and screams.

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Track Name: Drive Away
Meltdown mode, I've got to go,
It happens now and then,
Misery's contagious
and you caught it from your friends.
Ha ha under the mushroom cloud,
You can keep this town tonight.
I can't suck the poison from your lips
or make anything alright.

Kick it into overdrive,
Now I'm feeling half-alive,
South Carolina #5 West,
I've got friends in Atlanta
and an ex in Alabama,
but we're still cool, I guess.

Straight for nowhere, right now,
Anything goes, one change of clothes,
I want to find some place nobody knows.
Straight for nowhere, right now,
I'm hanging up,
yeah you're breaking up,
and there's nothing I can do
but drive away from you.

Four exits past the state line,
I see roses in full bloom.
They grow despite the noise,
the trash, the truckers, and the fumes,
I'm scheming for no reason,
but what the hell...the coast is clear.
A water bottle makes a kick-ass vase
and I've got your souvenir.

Kick it into overdrive,
Now I'm feeling half alive,
I've got to clear my mind,
I'm one excuse ahead tonight
but I'm a dozen drinks behind.

I guess I'll turn around
when Monday morning stares me down,
or maybe just get lost out here instead.
Fog outside so dense, it's riding shotgun,
I like to think you leaked outta my head.

I'm hanging up,
yeah you're breaking up,
and there's nothing I can do,
I'll drive away from you.
Track Name: Reruns
Slide one this way,
Been that kind of day,
I won't put up much of a fight.
Reruns again,
Same two stools at the end of a bar
and they're broken tonight.

The sideshow's lining up,
They've got the early jump on us,
Gift-wrapped for the kill,
We've been thrown under the short bus,
Another mangled punchline
and a threat in your ear,
The sign says "members only",
How come everyone's a loser in here?
I've seen this one.

The hard-ass on your right
is blaming you for his life,
His tales wreak of cowboy swill,
Unplug the jukebox
before he find his change
and moves in for the Van Halen kill.

Man you just scowl and tilt your shot-glass,
Last take of the last scene,
You're the only friend I've got,
You never say a goddamn thing.
Standing-room only
with cartoons sprung from jail,
I swear, I think somebody's doping the water,
Why don't you pay ten bucks and tab out of Hell?
I've seen this one.
I've seen this one before.
Track Name: Pallet
Turn out the lights.
There's no place left to go,
These tiles are cold and wet,
the scent of hours in our clothes.

Pollyanna up and died
but you smile anyway,
Tried keeping a secret,
Your eyes gave it away.

I know there is something better than this,
Stumbling through these dark sad hours
with your hands balled into fists.
Water seeping through the cracks
and soon we'll be waist deep,
Make sense of it tomorrow...
Sleep, babe, sleep.

Got caught in the crosshairs
but you'll be fine.
What looked like blood to us then
was just strawberry wine.
A threadbare blanket's not big enough
to cover anything at all.
I'm not giving up.

Head on pillow, say goodnight,
We got it wrong but it's alright.
It's alright.
Track Name: Dryout
DRYOUT (done with mirrors)
It's a long walk home,
even when you're sober.
Head down, vacant,
Ride your dirty shoes,
Neon signs flash backwards
in the puddles and
cars splash rain again.
Nothing humbles you.

The kids are strumming old ones
on a screened-in porch,
Stay awhile until your clothes
aren't dripping.
Another hour or two
before you reach your bed,
Two wet cigarettes,
Thank God no one's listening.

A photograph taped
to her dresser mirror,
Her grandparents
on their wedding day,
They had waited through a war,
Now their eyes are looking towards
a hundred seasons
breathing behind you.

And it's a long walk home...
even when you're older.
Two stray dogs will greet you
outside your door,
The rain still pours.
Either way you'll lose.

It must be done with mirrors,
You can't go anywhere,
Milk blood 'til you're dry,
Lord I'd lay down and die
if you were really there.

Some have wandered off
without their blessings,
stammering on someone else's prayer.
Your head across her lap,
There was a river
and it was Spring
and you were there.